Friday 28 March 2014

The Mullet men - Bronzie fishing in Feb. 2014

The past fishing season was with a few ups and downs...

Dave, Brian and Stu came again in February for their annual trip and it was great! They arrived here on 2 Feb. and departed on 16 Feb. Water conditions was again (same as last year) not very good, but this year we found a few spots where there was no weed! This meant we could fish for about 9 days of their 13 day trip for  Bronzies from the first cast!

The results was as follows:

Stu had 27 bronzies, his best fish were 363lbs, 264lbs and 242lbs. 
 Bry had 29 Bronzies + 1 foulhooked, best fish were 308lbs, 253lbs and 220lbs. 
 Dave had 25 Bronzies + 1 foulhooked, best fish were 286lbs, 275lbs, 264lbs and 242lbs.
14 bronzies over 200lbs and another 7 of 198lbs
Total of 83 Bronzies weighing 11959lbs and averaging 144lbs in weight.

Dave wrote a piece about their trip on You can follow the link below to find out what they thought of the trip:

Then I have finally managed to edit the footage of their trip and post it on YouTube. Unfortunately this is only of the Bronzies, but it is still a great video, even if I have to say so myself!

Just follow this link:

Here are also some of the photo's I did not use in the video.


The 2 brothers, Brian and Dave with 2 nice size fish.

Nice sunset...

Brian caught this Spearnose skate at Mile 72 on a mackerel head.

We also caught a few tagged Bronzies.

Brian dragging a Bronzie back to the water after a quick photo. We take a lot of care not to leave them too long out of the water as it is very important to conserve these beautiful fish for future generations.

By measuring them, one can get a fairly good estimate of their weights, + - the condition, of course! 

Stu's fish in the first wave...beautiful sight!

We drag bigger fish back to the water by the gills, as pulling them back by the tail might injure their backbone.

Brian's turn to get his fish to the beach. 

I also don't gaff anymore. It is much safer for fish if they are pulled out by the leader line. 

It looks easy to cast these big reels and baits, but, believe me, you have no idea until you have tried it yourself!

Stu with an empty spool...and a Bronzie 800 meters out!

One of the visitors to our fishing spot...

Stu and me with Bronzie # 80 for the trip

Oh yes, before I forget... I have also done an interview with Ireland Fishing Diaries.

Here is a link to that one:

Ireland Fishing Diaries

Hopefully I can also finish Darren's blog in the coming days! 
Hope you have enjoyed this post.

Tight lines...until next time!